TBG Contracting (TBG) is a prominent Alberta aggregate supplier and contract producer. We are an Alberta company and have been in the aggregate business since 1956 with our head office in Edmonton. Our company has been active in the Fort McMurray/Wood Buffalo Region since 1965 when we commenced crushing and screening operations for the Great Canadian Oil Sands on the current Suncor site. From 1973 to 1978 inclusive we were the aggregate supplier of materials for Syncrude and the AllSands project on Shell's current lease 13 site. After construction of these projects TBG has remained active in the Fort McMurray region on a contract basis working with the plant sites and the Municipality on contracts including road gravels, filter materials for tailing ponds, coke crushing, and many other construction and maintenance materials. In addition to aggregate supply, TBG provided equipment and personnel to assist in the development the the current hydro-transport technology. To demonstrate our long-term commitment to the Oil Sands group and the Wood buffalo region, we established a permanent office in Fort McMurray in 1996. In 2000 we moved our head office and made Fort McMurray our base of operations. TBG Contracting has been providing quality aggregates to the Fort McMurray region for almost 45 years. Today, we continually endeavor to be an industry leader by answering customers' needs with innovation.

This approach requires a firm commitment to continuous improvement. It means building a safety culture that is based on innovation and dedicated to finding solutions that create a safer environment for all. We stand by the responsibilities that we have to our workers, subcontractors, the environment, and the general public. Our customers expect us to perform at the highest level so they can too.
















Our customers have a choice. They can work with us, or they can work with someone else. By providing a safer environment, we hope to become their partner of choice.
This is why we have upgraded our requirements for all the independent truckers working for us. This is a proactive action designed to help eliminate the hazards that become accidents.
Serious injury and death have occurred from entry between raised dump boxes and truck chassis. To ensure that elevated truck boxes are secured properly we now require that permanently attached elevated box blocks are installed on all trucks working on our sites or for us. These box props/stiff legs will be used anytime work is to be done under an elevated box.

“ No task is so urgent or so important that we cannot take the time to do it safely.”


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